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I’ve been the worst blogger lately! Lots of exciting things happening in my world right now which have made this little blog on the bottom of my to-do list (the part I never quite make it to…). But it’s all about to change soon!
We are finally in and almost fully settled into our new casa, Internet just got connected yesterday and so all things should be align to make getting to this just that much easier.

Stay tuned for the projects & life changes in the new few weeks!!



If I could only eat 1 thing for the rest of my life


It would be :) top ramen (ichiban brand actually but I’m not picky)

my secret:
-pour the season packet, a dollop of toasted sesame seed oil, a dash soy sauce, a few swirls sriracha, and a chopstick plop of Chinese mustard in the bowl. Mix together. Once the noodles are cooked I dump half the water out and only use barely enough to covers the noodles in the bowl. Then a sprinkle of white pepper :)

…if I’m feeling fancy I added in fresh spring onions and torn up pieces of boarshead forrest ham. Ha.

seriously, I could eat it every day of my life.


de la sol


so we are down the final wire…they’re saying 1 week until we can move in. :) this project has been consuming our hearts, energy, minds, and time for the past 2 years. working intimately on the design with tres birds workshop, being put on hold until we could get comps for our appraisal and then finally the past 10 months of construction. and now it’s all coming together.

i’ve been sporadically keeping up with posting photos on our de la sol site; albeit a bit scattered and not in too many details (i kind of want to keep the surprise for friends and family that will actually see it soon) – and mike has added the project to his site as well (click on “residential” and then the squares to the far right to see his photos)

once it’s all done and cleaned out, we’ll get some full good photos to post :)


belly shots – tessa edition


:) so my lovely friend tessa came over saturday morning and we did a de la sol style belly shoot. she’s only 3 weeks away from meeting her baby – so needless to say, the bump was there in all it’s glory. here’s some of my fav’s…

love you lady, i can’t wait to meet the sweet addition oh so soon! :)


this is just too sweet…


although i’m kind of getting over cupcakes…*ha don’t get me wrong, if they’re there..i will eat them. esp the delicious salted caramel ones that jenna picked out for book club the other night…
these are just too sweet to not re-post.

spotted on a cup of jo


lucky ducky.


i can’t wait until i have my own photos like this.

stolen from 100 layer cake

i love you johnny d. thanks for being an awesome partner, husband and father to our dog-ter gnar. ;) i can’t wait for this upcoming year…and of course all those to follow.