i <3 k.i.d collective


i’m lucky. i have a supportive husband and lots of talented friends that inspire me constantly. we’re fortunate to be building an incredible house from scratch, just the way we want it…and i have for the most part a very flexible work schedule.

what does all that pile up to? an amazing chance to be hands-on for this  process. now i’m definitely the type of person who sees something and while i can totally appreciate it, in the back of my mind there’s always a voice saying “i can make that”…or “i can do that”…with everything! and while at times there were def parts of me that in building this house, i thought i might know more than our architect/builder, or know what i would want without having to have any background knowledge in electrical or plumbing, etc….one thing is for sure i can clearly say now – the help of casey from k.i.d collective has been a lifesaver. i don’t know nearly as much as i pretend to and having her there to help guide our choices and just know all that background knowledge in plumbing and electrical…yeh…kind of crucial. ;)

as we’re nearing the end of this building chapter and quickly approaching the moving and living in stage it’s a bit bittersweet. there’s something so exciting about going and picking tile selections, faucets, sinks, and counter materials…but again now that i’ve been through it-entirely too daunting to have tried to tackle solo. and of course there’s a uncomprehensible anxiousness to see it all come to fruition…i’m a little sad it’s all finally wrapping up. john and i have been working on the design of this house for the past 2 years…and been in the construction phase since last july. we’ve worked with great vendors and had a mix of emotions along the way. early on, we hired casey, to help us with all the bathroom selections and our architect then hired her to help us tackle the lighting as well.  i would highly recommend casey and k.i.d collective for any project you may have. from building ground up or redecorating to making your room layouts just ‘feel better’. she’s your gal. not to mention :) she’s a good friend & in our supper clubso many many thanks to you case, and a huge round of applause for a job so very well done. :)


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