10 awesome random things about me.


why? well because elbee did it and told me to do it too :) and it’s fun.

1. in highschool i was on the math team all 3 years…went to competitions & stayed late after school doing drills, practicing-the whole deal. and overall we were ranked 5th in the nation and of course always state champs. i mean duh. ;) …but if you asked me now-i might not even be able to recite a full times table. well maybe, but still….i’m sorry mr. norris. [just so happens i found and grabbed my award from my parents house while home this past weekend-to prove my mathlete skills to johnny ;) hah]

2. my parents got divorced…and then re-married. so i’m technically not a statistic…but i used to be.

3. all my life i wanted to marry an only child – because i thought it’d be funny for my children to have no aunts, uncles or cousins….. luckily ;) i like john’s brother bob + his family…ha and well i guess having uncles and cousins will be for the better.

4. i put ‘taking naps’ on my to-do lists…right there, number 23…along with looking up photo shoots (excited for this weekend tessa – you + your cute belly), cleaning, and grocery shopping. :) ya know, just in case i might forget.

5. one of my big toes is exactly like my mothers, and one of them is exactly like my fathers. left is dad-longer, right is mom-rounder. ha-gross right?

6. spam musubi is truly one of my favorite snacks.

7. i was in track in elementary school…and still remember every word to our chant. here it go:

knock, knock.
who’s there?
al-ah-ri-mo, al-ah-rye-mo, al-ah-ri-mo-rye-mo-roe. come 7, come 11, come rickety ranty shanty town. who can knock lake dolloff down? nobody, nobody-hey, hey! when you’re up, you’re up; when you’re down, you’re down. when you’re up against the dolphins-you’re upside down. kick em in the head, kick em in the feet….lake dolloff dolphins can’t be beat!

[yes, we cheered prior to meets for our competition to kick us. we were that gangster…at the age of like 8.]

8. i’ve never broken a bone. or smoked weed. (happy 420 day).

9. when i was 13 – i somehow, talked a friend’s mom into coming over, picking me up, driving me to home depot, + allowing me to buy paint…..which i then proceeded to paint my own sunflower landscape w/ rolling hills, a giant sun in the corner, and sunflowers growing behind a big brown fence on my bedroom wall. needless-to-say my parents were surprised when they came home.

10. i used to know this entire dance by heart. i recorded it (on a vhs) and would play it over and over after school until dinner practicing and learning every move. although, i admit…i’d just freestyle at the end…i wasn’t into the heels.



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  2. Um, I love this. And it once again proves you’re cooler than me. In a very nerdy way. :)

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