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i <3 k.i.d collective


i’m lucky. i have a supportive husband and lots of talented friends that inspire me constantly. we’re fortunate to be building an incredible house from scratch, just the way we want it…and i have for the most part a very flexible work schedule.

what does all that pile up to? an amazing chance to be hands-on for this  process. now i’m definitely the type of person who sees something and while i can totally appreciate it, in the back of my mind there’s always a voice saying “i can make that”…or “i can do that”…with everything! and while at times there were def parts of me that in building this house, i thought i might know more than our architect/builder, or know what i would want without having to have any background knowledge in electrical or plumbing, etc….one thing is for sure i can clearly say now – the help of casey from k.i.d collective has been a lifesaver. i don’t know nearly as much as i pretend to and having her there to help guide our choices and just know all that background knowledge in plumbing and electrical…yeh…kind of crucial. ;)

as we’re nearing the end of this building chapter and quickly approaching the moving and living in stage it’s a bit bittersweet. there’s something so exciting about going and picking tile selections, faucets, sinks, and counter materials…but again now that i’ve been through it-entirely too daunting to have tried to tackle solo. and of course there’s a uncomprehensible anxiousness to see it all come to fruition…i’m a little sad it’s all finally wrapping up. john and i have been working on the design of this house for the past 2 years…and been in the construction phase since last july. we’ve worked with great vendors and had a mix of emotions along the way. early on, we hired casey, to help us with all the bathroom selections and our architect then hired her to help us tackle the lighting as well.  i would highly recommend casey and k.i.d collective for any project you may have. from building ground up or redecorating to making your room layouts just ‘feel better’. she’s your gal. not to mention :) she’s a good friend & in our supper clubso many many thanks to you case, and a huge round of applause for a job so very well done. :)


quicky – roady


so just a quicky post because i’m that excited about it…. :)

johnny went to the nugget’s game this evening but we did a quick dinner at stella’s beforehand…and this adorable girl sat a few tables away from us…long perfectly imperfect tousled hair, a cute black romper w/ an oversized rugby style boyfriend cardigan…and then, wait for it….the most perfect boots i’ve seen in a really long time.

i knew immediately i wanted them and planned on asking her the brand or where she bought them, but stupid me in the process of getting ‘yelled’ at by another table for forgetting my left-overs I had left on the table in a span of 3 minutes I basically had forgotten to ask and didn’t realize it until we were in the car pulling away. So…immediately came home and voila – got em ;)

seriously. how great is that red zipper? and the color? kind of perfect for spring…steve madden’s roady in cognac. purchased from piperlime.  i can’t wait for them to come…i’m seriously oh-so-friggin-excited


probably one of the coolest wedding shots i’ve seen


spotted on 100 layer cake

our friend, miss jenna is heading off to Hawaii at the end of the month, :) lucky lady! Don’t worry, I’m giving her money so she can load me up with all my favorite snacks. Red Coconut Balls, Li Hing Mui Umeboshi, Mango Strips, and shredded mango!


10 awesome random things about me.


why? well because elbee did it and told me to do it too :) and it’s fun.

1. in highschool i was on the math team all 3 years…went to competitions & stayed late after school doing drills, practicing-the whole deal. and overall we were ranked 5th in the nation and of course always state champs. i mean duh. ;) …but if you asked me now-i might not even be able to recite a full times table. well maybe, but still….i’m sorry mr. norris. [just so happens i found and grabbed my award from my parents house while home this past weekend-to prove my mathlete skills to johnny ;) hah]

2. my parents got divorced…and then re-married. so i’m technically not a statistic…but i used to be.

3. all my life i wanted to marry an only child – because i thought it’d be funny for my children to have no aunts, uncles or cousins….. luckily ;) i like john’s brother bob + his family…ha and well i guess having uncles and cousins will be for the better.

4. i put ‘taking naps’ on my to-do lists…right there, number 23…along with looking up photo shoots (excited for this weekend tessa – you + your cute belly), cleaning, and grocery shopping. :) ya know, just in case i might forget.

5. one of my big toes is exactly like my mothers, and one of them is exactly like my fathers. left is dad-longer, right is mom-rounder. ha-gross right?

6. spam musubi is truly one of my favorite snacks.

7. i was in track in elementary school…and still remember every word to our chant. here it go:

knock, knock.
who’s there?
al-ah-ri-mo, al-ah-rye-mo, al-ah-ri-mo-rye-mo-roe. come 7, come 11, come rickety ranty shanty town. who can knock lake dolloff down? nobody, nobody-hey, hey! when you’re up, you’re up; when you’re down, you’re down. when you’re up against the dolphins-you’re upside down. kick em in the head, kick em in the feet….lake dolloff dolphins can’t be beat!

[yes, we cheered prior to meets for our competition to kick us. we were that gangster…at the age of like 8.]

8. i’ve never broken a bone. or smoked weed. (happy 420 day).

9. when i was 13 – i somehow, talked a friend’s mom into coming over, picking me up, driving me to home depot, + allowing me to buy paint…..which i then proceeded to paint my own sunflower landscape w/ rolling hills, a giant sun in the corner, and sunflowers growing behind a big brown fence on my bedroom wall. needless-to-say my parents were surprised when they came home.

10. i used to know this entire dance by heart. i recorded it (on a vhs) and would play it over and over after school until dinner practicing and learning every move. although, i admit…i’d just freestyle at the end…i wasn’t into the heels.


flowers in her hair.


no. scratch that. let’s try feathers! :)

today, hannah-elbee-and i headed to The Look in Cherry Creek to see Bridgette and we all got our hair did. …with feather extensions.

kind of the most awesome thing i’ve seen in a minute. we’ll post photos tomorrow, once we get a chance to wash them so they relax a bit…but here’s a quick shot from my drive back to the office.

bridgette – 303.322.4902

A couple more pics on Elbee’s blog-right chhuur


my friend lb makes me smile


she wanted to get her desktop better organized, so she created this.

and i kind of LOVE it. you make me smile elbee


happy easter!


heading out early (ha as if i blog on a daily basis anyway) to take the next few days off to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!

i was able to score an oh-so-sweet custom portrait from nan lawson to give john on this 1st ‘paper’ anniversary :)

shhhhh – don’t tell him! ha it’s a surprise until sunday-good thing he doesn’t read my blog! <3

hope everyone enjoys their easter! and if you haven't dyed easter eggs yet-check out this lovely modern take on easter eggs…..then you can still use the insides for breakfast!

spotted on design*sponge