so last night, after a long fun weekend up in beaver creek – jess + i met the boys (who had also spent a long weekend riding hard in silverton) for a late dinner  on federal at new saigon.

first off, i love new saigon, it’s great food, reasonably priced, and the fact that almost every asian that lives in colorado seems to always be there everytime we go-is obviously a good sign.

we got there just before 9 and were done by like 10:30….and john and i walked out to the car to notice that someone had smashed in my front window. for what? $4 cash and my 1st generation old-ass iphone. soooo annoying.

granted, we were extremely lucky considering my ipod was in the glovebox, john’s backpack w/ his laptop was in the back and we had about 8 snowboards back there, so trust me-i know we were lucky-but still really!?! iphones are like $99 now-a-days….so today i had to re-purchase a phone and get my car fixed.

only good part of the day – while at the apple store re-purchasing my phone, he showed me how to track it via mobileme….and we did and found the general area (again because it’s a 1st generation it doesn’t have gps-so we couldn’t track it down to a specific area, just a general one) and i sent them a not-so-nice message that appeared on the screen, then proceeded to delete all my info off. i keep my phone locked so chances were they couldn’t get into the info anyway, but still–just in case.

so -same number, new phone. same car-new window ;)

same paige, just annoyed.


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