liberty has launched


and it is selling like hot cakes!

today during lunch break, the ladies of the office headed over to our local target to scope the goods, we had heard from liz in N.Y. that the quality of women’s fabrics was lacking…but that all the homegoods had sold out in 30 mins in her neighborhood….

jess + i missed the trip, but headed over directly after work and while i agree it may not be top notch, it is target and with those pricetags, i was pleasantly pleased. the little kid stuff, or at least what we saw that was left-was so incredible i was tempted to box it right up and hold onto it for the babes to come in the future. ;)

:) i didn’t…but i picked up the black melamine platter + matching serving tray, cute underwear, a endearing nighty set, and some office supplies (cards, clip board, notebook) and the delicious smelling sugared grapefruit candle.

….chances are it’s mostly sold out at a target near you-but keep your eyes peeled for replenishments! :) liberty has launched and i likey.


One comment

  1. I totally don’t get what this is, but it doesn’t mean I’m not crazy jealous.

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