chalkboard doors


so, along with help from the lovely jess, hannah + sarah – i picked my colors for the doors on the 2nd floor.

this floor has beetle kill floors & ceilings and in the two bedrooms, two walls are beetle kill & there’s some continued reclaimed brick in the living room. the bathroom is awesomely perfectly white.

this is our ‘youthful’ floor and will be the future babe’s rooms….so i thought what better place to use chalkboard paint! we’re just painting the doors, but i’m super excited about it.

here’s our color choices:



  1. How far in the future are we talking here? *wink wink, nudge nudge*

    I do love the color choices and the idea of chalkboard paint.

  2. Super cute! Babies!!? Are you pregs?

  3. ha no babes in my belly yet! but for the future…. ;) i like to plan ahead (potentially years ahead haha)

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