to wallpaper or to not wallpaper


so as the casa is getting closer and closer to being completed i’m starting to get anxious and browsing furniture sites and inspiration blogs…

i’m definitely not an interior designer and right now we don’t think we can afford one-so it’ll be me, my blogs, friends, and advice from you guys ;)

the first question i’m debating in my head—wall paper.

the house has lots of character and textures on it’s own—

basement – cement floors (probably going to be top coated stained, just not sure what colors yet…), sheetrock walls & ceilings

1st floor – reclaimed brick walls mixed with floor to ceiling windows & sheetrock walls; reclaimed bleachers for the floors, and exposed steel beams.

2nd floor – beetle kill ceiling, floors & some walls with some reclaimed bricks in the living room and some sheetrock walls, exposed steel beams

3rd floor – black concrete floor, sheetrock walls & ceiling.

…so we had been thinking that in the spaces where we do have sheetrock-we would keep them stark white, to draw attention to the other materials and not allow spaces to get too busy.

this is paint-but similar idea...pic from coco+kelly

BUT :) i’m debating either using wall papers on the ceilings in rooms that only have other materials on the floors – like in the basement or in our master bedroom. or putting wallpapers in the closets to make the spaces extra special-like little surprise pops of color.

pic from apartment therapy

i really like the options walnut wallpaper has to offer…


  1. i wouldn’t wall paper, especially your bedroom ceiling. you have such a modern house wall paper would take away from it. plus could look kinda dated in a few years. the only place i would consider wall paper would be the closet. the only thing is it would be hidden with shelves and clothes.
    just my 2 cents.

  2. I’m all for paint actually. I think it keeps the texture but adds a nice pop of color. Plus it’s easier to change if/when you ever change your mind or get bored. I’m looking forward to seeing the new place, it sounds awesome!

  3. thx lady – my mom agrees wallpaper can get so dated. but there’s such cute options out there right now! :) advice heeded – wall paper debate will be put aside. next up furniture selection – i’ll post my thoughts soon ;)

  4. i love wallpaper too but your house just doesn’t need that added character and charm that wallpaper adds. it’s going to be incredible without.

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