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i love ladders. always have. when i was little i hoped and wished for a home that could house a giant library-for all the great love stories but mostly for the grand ladder that would roll along and lead me to the special kept secrets near the top. as i grew, the library dreams turn to wine cellar ;). ha but the affection for ladders remains.

here’s two applications i’ve spotted recently and also love.

as a pot rack holder

for cozy throws and quilts

…now i just need to decide how i can incorporate one into de la sol…. hmmmm… any ideas?

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kind of obsessed


with this loveliness?

i can picture having a 6 year old little lady in the midst of her princess phase — and to slightly bypass having a pepto pink room, having a out of control wild flower garden take over her room instead :)

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barrgghhh puppies!!


sample sale shopping is starting and today one of jevy’s friend’s brought in her 4 mo. berner pup!




so last night, after a long fun weekend up in beaver creek Рjess + i met the boys (who had also spent a long weekend riding hard in silverton) for a late dinner  on federal at new saigon.

first off, i love new saigon, it’s great food, reasonably priced, and the fact that almost every asian that lives in colorado seems to always be there everytime we go-is obviously a good sign.

we got there just before 9 and were done by like 10:30….and john and i walked out to the car to notice that someone had smashed in my front window. for what? $4 cash and my 1st generation old-ass iphone. soooo annoying.

granted, we were extremely lucky considering my ipod was in the glovebox, john’s backpack w/ his laptop was in the back and we had about 8 snowboards back there, so trust me-i know we were lucky-but still really!?! iphones are like $99 now-a-days….so today i had to re-purchase a phone and get my car fixed.

only good part of the day – while at the apple store re-purchasing my phone, he showed me how to track it via mobileme….and we did and found the general area (again because it’s a 1st generation it doesn’t have gps-so we couldn’t track it down to a specific area, just a general one) and i sent them a not-so-nice message that appeared on the screen, then proceeded to delete all my info off. i keep my phone locked so chances were they couldn’t get into the info anyway, but still–just in case.

so -same number, new phone. same car-new window ;)

same paige, just annoyed.


savannah’s baptism


:) today savannah had her christening and the schmidts ask me to stop by prior to take some shots melt.

here’s some of my fav’s. [w/ a babe that precious ;) it was a pretty easy job!]

xo – all my love pretty girl. :)


liberty has launched


and it is selling like hot cakes!

today during lunch break, the ladies of the office headed over to our local target to scope the goods, we had heard from liz in N.Y. that the quality of women’s fabrics was lacking…but that all the homegoods had sold out in 30 mins in her neighborhood….

jess + i missed the trip, but headed over directly after work and while i agree it may not be top notch, it is target and with those pricetags, i was pleasantly pleased. the little kid stuff, or at least what we saw that was left-was so incredible i was tempted to box it right up and hold onto it for the babes to come in the future. ;)

:) i didn’t…but i picked up the black melamine platter + matching serving tray, cute underwear, a endearing nighty set, and some office supplies (cards, clip board, notebook) and the delicious smelling sugared grapefruit candle.

….chances are it’s mostly sold out at a target near you-but keep your eyes peeled for¬†replenishments! :) liberty has launched and i likey.


chalkboard doors


so, along with help from the lovely jess, hannah + sarah – i picked my colors for the doors on the 2nd floor.

this floor has beetle kill floors & ceilings and in the two bedrooms, two walls are beetle kill & there’s some continued reclaimed brick in the living room. the bathroom is awesomely perfectly white.

this is our ‘youthful’ floor and will be the future babe’s rooms….so i thought what better place to use chalkboard paint! we’re just painting the doors, but i’m super excited about it.

here’s our color choices: