things i want.


1. more time… :) to be able to blog


this necklace (not exactly this one but a similar one) – which i just ordered, so really i just want it to arrive in my mailbox. [no, not pregnant, i just really like it. i saw pia wearing it – asked her about it – and then found it it’s a belly necklace…]


this garlic peeler. because really who likes the smell of garlic on their hands…and even better the smell of faint garlic mixed w/ metal from those silly metal bar soaps which slightly work but never all the way ;)


a cowl neck cooooozzzzy sweater neck warmer. i particularly love this one – as do the other girls in the incan office, so we’re convo’ing the seller to see if she’ll hook up a volume discount ;)


and lastly i want to learn how to better use hipstamatic. Dougie showed me and downloaded the app for me…and it’s super rad, i just don’t know how to use it. so i guess, going full circle – i need/want more time :)


One comment

  1. Is the garlic peeler made of manacotti?

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