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mini shopping spree


so in quitting my last job, i got paid out for my vacation time…so i did what any girl would do-took it as bonus money and have been going on mini shopping sprees with it ;)

i bought this necklace & this snuggler.

a couple perfume samplers from cb ihateperfume.

and then yesterday got my hands on this awesome bag

spotted on iheartcharlie

and then these fun things to go in it…ok well not really in it-but i could put them in it if i wanted to ;)

…i’d still really like to splurge on these, but i still can’t bring myself to do it… =/ sooo close though!


sat morning shoot…


who gets dolled up, puts their hair in rollers, packs on fake eye lashes & make-up … to go and take photos….of themselves? ha. cassie and i do. :)

don’t hate, we’re sensitive & it’ll hurt our feelings… ;)


things i want.


1. more time… :) to be able to blog


this necklace (not exactly this one but a similar one) – which i just ordered, so really i just want it to arrive in my mailbox. [no, not pregnant, i just really like it. i saw pia wearing it – asked her about it – and then found it it’s a belly necklace…]


this garlic peeler. because really who likes the smell of garlic on their hands…and even better the smell of faint garlic mixed w/ metal from those silly metal bar soaps which slightly work but never all the way ;)


a cowl neck cooooozzzzy sweater neck warmer. i particularly love this one – as do the other girls in the incan office, so we’re convo’ing the seller to see if she’ll hook up a volume discount ;)


and lastly i want to learn how to better use hipstamatic. Dougie showed me and downloaded the app for me…and it’s super rad, i just don’t know how to use it. so i guess, going full circle – i need/want more time :)