meals this week


so as i’m abruptly realizing, if i want to get anything done-while working this job-i desperately need to plan it all out ahead of time. and while i’ve only been here the past month and truly will only be balls to the walls busy for the next week…here we go.

tomorrow night: T-Day in a bowl – this is a blind recipe, as i just overheard a co-worker explaining her boyfriend made “thanksgiving in a bowl” which consisted of: roasted squash, risotto, roasted turkey (i’m going to use chicken), bacon, and  and then she said “and some other good stuff in there too”….i’m going to try my hand at what my tummy & brain thinks will be good..and shall it be successful ;) i’ll post the recipe later.

monday night: peachy keen chicken w/ biscuits & rosemary pear butteri have a lot of left-over pear juice from this recipe that i want to use up before i have to toss it…

tuesday night: tagliatelle alla romagnola w/ simple argula salad

..and well ha ;) that’s it. because then Wednesday night we have a big pre-game meeting and SIA starts Thursday which will be long days and nights. so…I only needed to plan 3 days, but I did it.


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  1. I was thinking of this post yesterday when Adam and I were walking past the grocery store (and not going in). I said something like, “The weekend always seems so long on Saturday morning, and then by Sunday night you realize it was really short and you didn’t accomplish any of your chores.” He said, “Like what?” and I said, “Like planning the week’s dinners and then grocery shopping for them,” and he said, “When have we ever done THAT?” and I realized that, once again, I was confusing my life with yours.

    ONE DAY, Paige. One day. Thanks for being my reminder that people CAN plan ahead.

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