down and dirty updates


so the quick, down and dirty of what i’ve been up to.

1. working my ass off – slinging burton clothes… 7am arrive at work – 8pm leave work sort of days.

2. loving on my pup.

3. holding the babes – holden & savannah (WHITNEY HAD HER BABY!) as much as possible.

4. wedding planning fun w/ kelly & melissa

5. being car-less because i got a flat tire – it ruined the sidewall since they’re such low profile wheels and 2 months after i just bought all new snow-tires, i waited a week and then dropped the $$ to get a whole NEW set of snow tires. =/ ugh, then i was annoyed for like 3 days straight

and 6. NOT buying the stuff i need to start my detox cleanse. THUS I will be shopping this weekend and starting it next week! updates to come as I go on that…. ;)



  1. Your friends are SO GOOD at naming babies!

  2. ;) so fun and cute right!? another new addition…my hair stylist just had her second baby boy — Arius (“Ari”) Booker (umm…love Booker as a middle name!)
    man munchkins are taking over and i kind of love it!

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