Sunday Night Dinner


Roasted Veggie Chips & Pork w/ Shallots & Pears – serves 2

the perfect, easy Sunday night healthy dinner. *disclaimer – you need two ovens or an oven & a toaster oven.

shopping list:

olive oil


salt + pepper

all-purpose flour

ground cardamon & coriander

3 carrots (no bigger than 2″ diameter)

3 parsnips (no bigger than 2″ diameter)

9 fingerling potatoes

fresh thyme

1 bosc or d’Anjou pear

3/4 c low-sodium chicken broth

1/3 c pear nectar

1 boneless butterflied pork loin

2 shallots

Veggie Chips!

pre-heat oven to 375.

slice carrots, parsnips, and potatoes into 1/4″ thick slices (throw away ends)

mix 1/2 c olive oil, 2 tsp coarse salt, 2 tsp pepper, 1 tsp cardamon & 1 tsp coriander. cover veggie slices & arrange so all lay flat on a baking sheet w/ foil or sprayed w/ cooking spray. roast for 45 mins or until browned & slight crispy.

*while those are cooking….

Pork w/ Shallots & Pear

pre-heat toaster oven/second over to 470.

mix 1/2 c olive oil, 1 tbs fresh thyme, and 2 cloves garlic, minced

peel 2 shallots & cut into wedges. leave pears w/ peel on & quarter & core. slice pork loin down the middle. covered pork, shallots & pears w/ oil mixture.

heat cast-iron (or NOT non-stick skillet) over medium-high heat. add pork & shallots- browning on all sides (roughly 7 mins).

remove shallots & set aside. transfer pork to baking sheet & place in over to cook through (roughly 10 mins). WITHOUT CLEANING SKILLET, add pears and brown on cut sides. (roughly 4 mins). remove pears & set aside. WITHOUT CLEANING SKILLET, add 3/4 c chicken broth, 1 tsp butter, 1 tsp flour, and 1/3 c pear nectar. boil until sauce thickens -scraping up brown bits left in skillet. (roughly 7 mins.)

slice pork & arrange on platter or plate, cover w/ shallots & surround w/ pear wedges, cover w/ sauce & serve immediately.

*veggie chips took exactly as long as cooking the pork, serve on side!

yum. delicious, easy, healthy & fairly quick dinner!  enjoy ;)

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