christmas card flop


so this year i had all the great intentions of making christmas cards. i had the idea, i spent the time and created carefully letter by letter my ork replica masterpiece…..bought a l letterpress kit and all my paper, ink, etc….

i uploaded my file and sent it off to boxcar press-and after much and much back and forth, editing and re-tooling – my file was formatted correctly and ready to go.

…well it arrived and is TOO BIG!!! it won’t fit on my cards – so in a desperate search for a paper that i can letterpress into to still get them out, last weekend i decided to give up. with too much other pressing stuff going on-i had an utter and complete christmas card flop.   fail.

i still plan on making them and will go find solid sheets of paper and eventually will letterpress them and will send them out but for those of you who were sweet enough to send over your addresses – be on the look out for a HAPPY JANUARY ;) card.



  1. Being crafty is too much pressure sometimes! Hence my target cards! I’m sure yours are fabulous and I can’t wait to see them. Happy Holidays!

  2. […] they replied that at the time they currently had no intentions of doing) but it turned to be a flop when i created and ordered the wrong size letterpress plate, so i’ve yet to use the design […]

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