craft a.d.d.


so i have a bit of A.D.D. when it comes to crafting, i just get so inspired by so many lovely bits that float around on the blogs, in storefront windows, as parts of merch set displays…i can’t help myself. i want to make it all! and i’ve truly discovered that if i don’t complete a project the first time i start it…most-likely (ok, ok, inevitably–just ask john) it’s going to sit right where it was started….unfinished. till the end of time-or until i go through a mass cleaning and remember how great of a project it was in the first place and motivate enough to finish it… :) [ahem, lemonheart…i’m so sorry! i just am so in love with so much at the moment i can’t find time to get my site up and fully equip w/ all the images, etc…but i promise, it’s still near the top of my to-do list]

so on my current to-do list are the following:

1. print my christmas cards (the design is complete!, ha of course started and finished in basically one-sitting) and i’ve recently purchased a print gocco machine..but am waiting on master screens (being shipped from japan) so debating if i should find an alternate way to print them…..hmm yudu perhaps? or just go get them printed…time is running.short!)

2. finish up the lemonheart site and update jewelry ideas i’ve had floating around in my little head…which entails actually making them, photo-ing them & adding them to my online store….plus adding in some dude ideas.

3. zinc. ha, anything and everything. these hang tags were just too cute spotted over at sunday suppers – which of course started a new daily obsession for finding all things zinc. like these cool apothecary jars which i’m sure could find a lovely place to live in our new house.

4. coffee table. we have an old coffee table that i’ve been meaning to replace in our upstairs living room – but never got around to it. now i think it may just make the perfect art project. inspired by design*sponge, i hope to create something similar to this… :) with the help of strieby.


yup…so those are my biggest projects of the moment… little ones include: more linocuts, more papercuts, a papercut map, wedding paper suite & decor goodies for melissa & kelly, and working on the new casa – decorating, creating art, finding furniture pieces, etc :)


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