corncob round 2.


so. my poor pup whom i love practically more than life itself, was sad last night. she came home from work with john and was just lazy…she didn’t want to play, she barely stood up, she just wanted us to be in visual site & to lay on her bed….and when she wasn’t interested in dinner-we knew something was wrong, gnarly = obsession with all things food.
so when she didn’t eat again this morning and was looking sad again and acting lethargic we decided it might be a good idea to take her in. an x-ray later we discovered that she has once again eaten a corn cob (which of course never fully break down, aka she can’t digest it…thus it’s been sitting in her stomach for the past few weeks breaking down as much as possible and finally got small enough to pass from her stomach to her intestines where it got stuck and cause gas build-up.)

just more reason to name our next dog (if we can ever afford to get one) “doesn’t eat corn cobs.”



UPDATE! Surgery went well and was successful, she’s resting up and should be home tomorrow!



  1. Poor puppy – my parents’ basset hounds have a tendency to eat unfortunate things. Stressful and expensive. Hope she is back to normal asap.

  2. Corn cobs are just so much FUN to eat! She’s so little, though–I’m surprised she could manage that. The picture is adorable. MORE GNARLY!

  3. i hope she’s doing better. i’m so bummed to hear that.

  4. Wow! We had a friend who’s dog ate a corn-cob and it was a huge deal…now I know why! So glad your pup is doing better!

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