monday fun


so the copley/worthens & hoefs have been in town all weekend and to say we’ve been having fun would be an understatement. every night i’m going to bed still with a smile on my face and extremely worn out. it’s always such a rad experience to see john & his crew together…their bonds and history are incredible and i feel super privileged to be a part of their crew now :)

anyway, now that i’m back at work w/ only thoughts of the bronco’s/steelers game tonight in my head–i’m going to need help making it through the day (which happens to be Johnny’s birthday!!) and having the energy to go at it yet again tonight

so here’s a monday morning pick-me-up! an awesome, extremely unique real wedding video.

you can read the story here.

30- 40 birthday party…and a surprise wedding from Lorien Gabel on Vimeo.

very non-traditional in EVERY way but i kind of like it…and seriously how fun would it be to play out an alter-ego? ha…or is that just me? ;)

xo-happy monday.


found on green wedding shoes

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