i have been a fan of androgyny for a long time – it started when i shaved my head and fell in love with the utter sexiness of masculine meets feminine. and the love story has only blossomed since (wow over 3 years now since the first time i shaved my head!!)

which is why i had to link back to this twigs & honey posting


kind of love it. if i was over my ‘i could make that’ phase [ha as if i’ll ever get over that ;) heeh] i would definitely be swooping this up! only $20 freal!? so i’m hoping by posting it, one of my lovely friends can buy it instead and i can swoon over it then….


until then…maybe i’ll try to make my own. ;)


One comment

  1. Ooooo, those are so cute! I kinda want to make one now, too :0)

    I admire you for being bold enough to do the shaved head thing. I had a pixie cut for awhile and loved it, but the maintenance was killer since my hair isn’t straight :0(

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