calendar swap!


ha…do you remember when you used to get chain letters via snail mail and it would instruct you to send like a pair of socks to 6 people and the letter out to another 6 or something? i vaugely remember it a few times hitting the good old mailbox, of course w/ email it’s turned into junk chain letter mass emails daily (of which ALL i ignore, no matter how important, precious or sincere they are…sorry…just me-i no likey)

well…bringing it back old school i decided today to participate in my favorite things’ calendar swap. i love calendars…always have…and have been actually toying around with some ideas of making my own…so i figured i should just do it and sign up. click the button below to sign up! must do by Nov 16th!

maybe i’m getting old. :) anyway, here’s some of my fav calendars out there thus far:
this one (found via design*sponge)
and this fun little one
oohhh and this one
and of course this one ;) aka this one

update! got my calendar swap person today!!! and she’s from WA, it’s meant to be. 206, whattup! hah


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