squeaky bean is making noise


ha so as most of you know, the phrase “making noise” became popular w/ the incan crew from the one and only merrill. and when squeaky bean first opened, john had told our buddy who works there ali – that all they were missing was some ‘noise.’ well since they’ve gotten some great features, critiques and reviews…and are starting to ‘make some noise’.

tonight we were planning on walking to dinner at pasquini’s (not even sure why, since john nor i like it all that much) and in the midst of the blowing snow i decided rather than the 6 blocks, let’s just make it 2 and go to squeaky bean. and man-they did not disappoint this evening. we started with their olives – always delicious, yet always just a bit too much which makes me feel either 1. wasteful or 2. overstuffed w/ olives…tonight it was wasteful. then john and i both had the fig salad. and seriously-i’m kind of in love. the perfect balsamic w/ literally the PERFECT amount of salt on mixed greens, served over a warm piece of fig walnut bread, and a thin slice of humbolt fog w/ fresh figs on top…..umm…seriously? the entire thing, i was moaning or going on and on about how just perfect all the flavors were. then we shared the “bacon burgers” (we went light since i’m still recovering from my awesome wisdom tooth gaping hole in my mouth & john had snacked on some shumai just an hour before). i thought the salad was good-the “bacon burgers” blew my mind. round slices of crostini, w/ steak tar tar on top of a bacon bernasie drizzle. yeh i know. if it is tar tar chances are extremely high i’m going to like it. and this steak tar tar was no different. needless to say i was a very happy girl (and yes that’s including the walk in the ‘winter severe storm warning’)

all and all it was incredible delicious (ha obvi, i freaking blogged about it!)

so if you live in the hood…or denver for that matter, seriously…go check them out.


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