I la la love wednesdays…


so a while back jess and i started joining rachel for wednesday night pilates and i’m hooked. ha of course during the class i can’t do a damn thing and have absolutely no muscle strength but i giggle my way through it and just fake it with my flexibility anyway. ;)

so the best thing about wednesday night pilates? our teacher is erika from freaking living the sweet life. does it get any better? my FAVORITE bakery/dessert shop, which just so happens to be located in my hood…and the owner is our pilates teacher! which means yes, every wednesday from 6:30-7:30 we discuss the deliciousness that is scones, cupcakes, coffee crumb cake, apple tarts and anything else packed in yumminess while working our booties off. [bonus, she sometimes brings us in treats for after class.]

and tonight, double bonus-jess and i are going to eat at tocabe afterwards.

mmmmmmm… :) i love wednesday’s. (especially snowy ones!)


One comment

  1. She brings in desserts after Pilates?!?! Seems counterproductive. :)

    PS I eat dessert while watching The Biggest Loser.

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