spotted and hearted


so i spotted these mini pies in mason jars a week or so back on you are my fave and completely fell in love. i’m talking, immediately printed it out, sent the link to my co-workers so i could gush out loud at how cute they were and later that evening went to ace and bought mini mason jars. of course-they’re currently still sitting on my counter (along w/ the ingredients to make the dough and fillings for pies *i’m making the dessert and savory ones!) and undoubtedly i haven’t had time to execute just quite yet. i also did however tell alex i’d be making them and dangled a teaser to jess on how great my new little project would be and how excited i was to give it to her (yep jess, this is it! ha)


and don’t get me wrong, i still plan on making them, hoping this week…but now i’ve seen these mini pies all over the blogger world and figured might as well share with my readership as well and let those who get them be surprised in that i actually had time to do it, more so than the utter cuteness that is these mini pies :)


and then this morning i also spotted this recipe utilizing the jars as well.


which i’m also SUPER excited about, because anyone who actually knows me-has probably eaten at osteria marco with me, thus eatten their burrata because it’s by far one of my favorite cheese!!  but i kind of actually would rather try this recipe left in the comments section… [ha if you need a translator like i do-it’s basically baby spinach w/ burrata w/ chili strawberry jam (i’ve asked for an english version of the jam recipe)]


so the trend of using glass jars to house individual size yumminess – i am officially backing.



  1. […] know, you aren’t from austria 2009/10/21 so in my haze of excitement for all things food in little jars –  yesterday i realized i linked to ellja’s burrata recipe, which was ahem, not in english, […]

  2. I was just trying to figure out how to make individual pies without having to go through making the shells that can so easily break. You just SAVED my dessert! :)

  3. These are so cute! I wish I could bake!

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