moo: they love to print


so as i’m slowly plugging away at getting  lemonheart going (my hand-made lil jewelry company) – i have to send a HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to Kait [who happens to be in the midst of 40 days of awesome] & Think Make for being so awesome at getting my website purrdy and ready to go and then ha follow that with a HUGE apology that i’m so lame and can’t freaking get my sh!t together to get the stuff you’re waiting on me for—to get it live and launched.  but i promise–it will be coming soon….very soon.   www.lemonheartshop.com bookmark it and be on the look-out!

anyway.  so once the site is launched i figured, well i better have biz cards to be able to easily spread the word…ENTER: moo. spotted on wendolonia i’m super excited about this company. they print biz cards or mini cards (i opted for the mini cards for lemonheart) and offer different images on EVERY SINGLE CARD! Amazing. The best part? they’re cheap cheap cheap! So 1. you’re getting awesome cards at a good price. 2. they allow you to do multiple images (which would normally be crazy expensive) all in the same run of 50 or 100 cards! i’m sort of in love. ;)

here’s what i went with:



update!: the cards arrived in my mail today and they look awesome! i’m super excited about them and looking forward to order peekay ones!


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  1. super excited about your new business venture and very proud of you!

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