so i have always loved magnetic and chalk board paint. in highschool when i miraculously talked my parents into knocking a huge hole between my bedroom and the guest bedroom – duh, to make my room a sweet suite w/ my own personal living room – i used magnetic paint and did two long rectangle boxes that framed my new ‘living room’ window floor to ceiling and painted a black boarder around them…then bought those really cool (wait, are they cool? were they ever cool?) magnetic words and wrote all these really deep phrases. or just stuff like “paige loves sunshine in the morning” ya know, that kind of cool stuff… and now that i’ve got a handful of friends with babies in their bellies–the appeal of magnetic and chalk board paint seems to be popping up again. well check this! now chalkboard paint can come in 24 vibrant colors!




One comment

  1. I usually love living in a rental because when things overflow, clog, rumble strangely, etc., I can just call the landlord…but things like CHALKBOARD PAINT make me crave my own home.

    Maybe the landlord wouldn’t notice?

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