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belly shots!


cassie and i did some belly shots sat morning for alex & whitney…and it was freaking fun. it’s awesome seeing our girls w/ the babes in their bellies and being able to capture it through the lens…

here’s a sneak peak at what i saw… ;)












thanks ladies!! ;) xoxo-p


squeaky bean is making noise


ha so as most of you know, the phrase “making noise” became popular w/ the incan crew from the one and only merrill. and when squeaky bean first opened, john had told our buddy who works there ali – that all they were missing was some ‘noise.’ well since they’ve gotten some great features, critiques and reviews…and are starting to ‘make some noise’.

tonight we were planning on walking to dinner at pasquini’s (not even sure why, since john nor i like it all that much) and in the midst of the blowing snow i decided rather than the 6 blocks, let’s just make it 2 and go to squeaky bean. and man-they did not disappoint this evening. we started with their olives – always delicious, yet always just a bit too much which makes me feel either 1. wasteful or 2. overstuffed w/ olives…tonight it was wasteful. then john and i both had the fig salad. and seriously-i’m kind of in love. the perfect balsamic w/ literally the PERFECT amount of salt on mixed greens, served over a warm piece of fig walnut bread, and a thin slice of humbolt fog w/ fresh figs on top…..umm…seriously? the entire thing, i was moaning or going on and on about how just perfect all the flavors were. then we shared the “bacon burgers” (we went light since i’m still recovering from my awesome wisdom tooth gaping hole in my mouth & john had snacked on some shumai just an hour before). i thought the salad was good-the “bacon burgers” blew my mind. round slices of crostini, w/ steak tar tar on top of a bacon bernasie drizzle. yeh i know. if it is tar tar chances are extremely high i’m going to like it. and this steak tar tar was no different. needless to say i was a very happy girl (and yes that’s including the walk in the ‘winter severe storm warning’)

all and all it was incredible delicious (ha obvi, i freaking blogged about it!)

so if you live in the hood…or denver for that matter, seriously…go check them out.


luce photo workshop


so this past saturday, i spent the day with the one and only jenn davidson + the friggin fantastic fellow luce assistances.


sally, emily & emily - part of the luce family

we practiced, learned, and shot our little hearts out ;)


here’s some of my shots:

andrea ball

elin palmer + her denver band

brett lindstrom

rachel brink

veronica stapleton


I la la love wednesdays…


so a while back jess and i started joining rachel for wednesday night pilates and i’m hooked. ha of course during the class i can’t do a damn thing and have absolutely no muscle strength but i giggle my way through it and just fake it with my flexibility anyway. ;)

so the best thing about wednesday night pilates? our teacher is erika from freaking living the sweet life. does it get any better? my FAVORITE bakery/dessert shop, which just so happens to be located in my hood…and the owner is our pilates teacher! which means yes, every wednesday from 6:30-7:30 we discuss the deliciousness that is scones, cupcakes, coffee crumb cake, apple tarts and anything else packed in yumminess while working our booties off. [bonus, she sometimes brings us in treats for after class.]

and tonight, double bonus-jess and i are going to eat at tocabe afterwards.

mmmmmmm… :) i love wednesday’s. (especially snowy ones!)


donate…do it for the sexy mustaches


So…I have done numerous volunteer events with Colorado Youth at Risk and can first-hand share how great this program really is.

While I was catching up on some sites today, I perused Joy Engine and saw that they’re participating in a fundraiser for COYAR, which of course stokes me out–knowing just what an impact this org makes on kid’s lives.


So….donate $20, $50, whatever you can spare and help my buddy Todd Berger at Joy Engine be successful in this fundraiser. :)

*p.s. it’s a tax write-off if that proves any further incentive…


follow up- in case you know, you aren’t from austria


so in my haze of excitement for all things food in little jars –  yesterday i realized i linked to ellja’s burrata recipe, which was ahem, not in english, just from her comment on sunday suppers, which of course WAS in english. [p.s. – don’t you freaking wish you could read German ummm her recipes look AMAZING i’m dying that i can’t translate more of them!!]

SOOO i went for it and tracked down her email and requested the recipe. AND :) at 5:13am (about 7:13pm her time) it landed in my inbox. I can’t wait to try it…and my brain is already conjuring up other exciting things to put this jam on!

STRAWBERRY CHILI JAM – from Ellja of  2 steps away from paradise

400 gram strawberries (cut into slices)
2 red Chili (cut into small strips)
130 g canning sugar
juice of 1/2 lemon

First bring strawberries, chili, lemon juice and sugar to the boil and cook it for 3 – 5 Minutes. Fill the hot jam into a fruit jar and cover the top with a little bit of rum or other alcoholics, it´s because of the germs.

Now turn the jar upside down and cool it down. Store in a cool place. Finished!

On french bread with the filling of young spinach and burrata, and topped with the jam, it is really amazing!


Thank you Ellja! ;)

photo cred: ellja


moo: they love to print


so as i’m slowly plugging away at getting  lemonheart going (my hand-made lil jewelry company) – i have to send a HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to Kait [who happens to be in the midst of 40 days of awesome] & Think Make for being so awesome at getting my website purrdy and ready to go and then ha follow that with a HUGE apology that i’m so lame and can’t freaking get my sh!t together to get the stuff you’re waiting on me for—to get it live and launched.  but i promise–it will be coming soon….very soon. bookmark it and be on the look-out!

anyway.  so once the site is launched i figured, well i better have biz cards to be able to easily spread the word…ENTER: moo. spotted on wendolonia i’m super excited about this company. they print biz cards or mini cards (i opted for the mini cards for lemonheart) and offer different images on EVERY SINGLE CARD! Amazing. The best part? they’re cheap cheap cheap! So 1. you’re getting awesome cards at a good price. 2. they allow you to do multiple images (which would normally be crazy expensive) all in the same run of 50 or 100 cards! i’m sort of in love. ;)

here’s what i went with:



update!: the cards arrived in my mail today and they look awesome! i’m super excited about them and looking forward to order peekay ones!