luau RADo style


so i was incredibly lame and didn’t take ANY photos of the food from this weekend-but for those were there and can vouch for the food ;) here’s recipes:

Aunty Leilani’s Punch:
1 large packet strawberry gelatin 8oz
1/2 cup sugar
1 qt hot water
1 qt cold water
12oz sprite
12oz Pellegrino (or sparkling water)
fresh strawberries & mint garnish

-mix gelatin, sugar and hot water in container – make sure sugar dissolves.
-add sprite, pellegrino and cold water
-garnish w/ strawberry chunks & mint sprigs
-add ice to cool
*serve w/ alcohol add-in’s on the side

Kahlua Chicken – kahlua pig is normally cooked in the earth wrapped in banana leaves and placed directly on the coals…obviously not wanting to dig up your backyard-here’s an easy alternative! (you can replace the chicken w/ pork butt roast)
*served 20
5lbs Chicken boneless/skinless breasts
1 bottle (4 oz) liquid smoke
hawaiian coarse sea salt

-quickly rinse the chicken and make 1/4″ deep slices about an 1″ apart on both sides of the breasts.
-cover w/ 1/2 bottle liquid smoke & generously w/ hawaiian sea salt
-cut into strips (to make cooking easier) and place into crock pot
-set on ‘LOW’ (not warm)
-add 1/2 cup water & 1/2 of the remaining liquid smoke
-leave alone and cook for 8 hrs….
-when it’s finished transfer to bowl/plate and use two forks to shred…the meat will literally just fall apart
*serve on a bed of steamed green cabbage

Lomi Lomi Salmon
– lomi lomi translated in hawaiian literally means to massage, this simple salmon, tomato, onion salad is massaged together and a staple at all luau’s.
*served 20
2 lbs salmon (buy whatever is freshest but still mild)
hawaiian sea salt
5 tomatoes
2 maui or sweet onions

lomi lomi uses salted salmon, i couldn’t find any-so i had to salt it myself, clean off the salmon and make 1/4″ slits 1″ apart all over, cutting of skin from the bottom. generously cover w/ hawaiian salt and place in ziploc bag overnight.

next day: rinse off salt & place salmon in a tuperware completely submerged in ice cold water for 2 hrs, changing out the water once. rinse when finished.

-cube the salmon into small piece, the size of pencil erasers
-cube the tomatoes into small pieces
-slice the onion into small pieces
-mix all together, using your hand the massage all flavors together, place in bowl surrounded by ice.
lomi lomi is best served very cold.
*can be served w/ lettuce cups for main meal as well

Kalbi Ribs
another goodie :) kalbi ribs are popular in korean bbq food as well.
*wasn’t enough to serve 20 ppl, ha should have bought 10 more or so
just under 5lbs short ribs, cross cut (i specifically asked for 20 ribs roughly 6″ long and 1/2″ thick. you will most-likely need to request them cross-cut but all butchers should easily be able to oblige, might help to call ahead though)
1 cup sugar
1 cup soy sauce
1″ fresh grated ginger
4 garlic cloves

-mix ingredients together, and submerge ribs (i placed in ziploc bags) and marinate overnight, i fliped the bags before going to bed and when i woke up so all pieces would be soaked [alternative is to soak in yoshida’s sauce as well]
-grill or broil until they start to sizzle, the sugar will make them burn quickly (as those of you who were there, will notice, with the first batch johnny cooked up!) so be sure to pay close attention, they’ll only take a few minutes on each side.
*serve w/ warm white rice.

-we also served milk chocolate covered macadamian nuts, sugar cane sticks, and spam musubi (which i picked up from L&L bbq in Aurora, the ONLY hawaiian joint in the state) & Hawaiian Sun sodas :)



  1. Dumb question: Does the punch thicken or anything, with the hot water and cold water and Jello?

  2. ha no – it stays nice and punchy

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