berfday 808 style bbq


monday is the big day. 27-going on 30. ha. isn’t it funny how 26 still feels ‘young’ like you are still in your mid-twenties…and then all of a sudden 1 day later, at 27, you feel as if you’re really almost 30? luckily-i’m not stressing on that part yet, just think it’s funny how 1 single day makes a whole perspective on age change. (good thing johnny is old, i’ll always feel young ;) hha)

so to celebrate this year we’re having a low key bbq tonight and i’m cooking all hawaiian style for it. super stoked.

here’s what’s on the menu:
-aunty leilani’s strawberry punch
-hawaiian suns
-kalbi ribs
-kahlua chicken
-lomi lomi salmon
-kim chee
-hawaiian sweet bread/rolls
-haupia & sugar sticks

recipes & some photos to follow ;)


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