can’t get these off my mind



so design*sponge posted these dog collars & leashes awhile back and i have not been able to get them off my mind…..



super cute right?!

but….not knowing if gnarly [or winston or riley or keith :) for that matter] might get ahold of it and chew it up/eat it…don’t know that i’m willing to shell out the $60 for one.


considering we didn’t adopt gnarly-would it be morally wrong to r+d (rip-off and duplicate) w/ my own handstamped GNAR tag and a white cotton nautical rope?!  ….hmm…:) hope not-because i’m ordering it up right now!



  1. […] a rope necklace – i bought some nautical rope to try and make these…which i failed and never did because the rope i bought was too thick..i was thinking we were […]

  2. […] in a bout of craziness. we adopted another dog. (finally, i have an excuse for the collar! ;) of course which i instantly purchased) ha-yes, for those that know me…i’m still the […]

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