back and getting on track!


back from a beautiful fun weekend in the 206.
got my fill of: 1. jack in the box tacos (yeah amy), 2. saimen says, 3. ikea, 4. dim sum from house of hong, 5. royale cupcake.

ha it made me wonder “why did i move away again” man-i love asians and their food and ikea. ;) ha. ok, ok & my parents/friends/and just the hills/elevation changes & trees in the 206. greenery = me smiling.

awesome to see/hang with the fam-though i still stand by the fact my cat moa still hates me because i left her (silly mini cat), and good to see melissa and michelle (sorry other friends, it was an in & out operation) and of course mimi, michelle’s mom hehe.

so…now that i’m back-the house is starting to come along again, (we were in a minor stand still as we were waiting for the steel beams to be fabricated & materials to be loaded up and taken off to be recycled, but progress is starting back up & hope to update pics to de la sol again, starting tonight?….maybe?) fundraisers for work are kicking in, and i’m putting focus on lemonheart & peekay market.
*more details & websites to hopefully come in sept!* so stay tuned, i’ll probably be posting less (well equal to these past few weeks) but hope to come out swinging by the end of sept!

and of couse, tomorrow starts :) my berfday month! so lots of celebrating is in order


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