busy bee.


i’ve been sooo busy lately! or at least it feels that way, although whenever i go to do a mental did-do list….ha…it seems as if i should just have more time!


anyway, had a great weekend-even though gnar is sicky…she has giardia, ugh. =/ poor pup….hoef stoppped through for a surprise visit, mind got filled up with all sorts of fun goodies from a visit to the bulthaup showroom, had a recap & moving forward meeting with krist + nailed down design elements iwth melissa, designed 3 new necklaces (which are all gifts, so pics to be posted after i give them away), had girls over for sunday brunch, and met close friends of john’s the currans & had them over for backyard fish taco bbq last night. but, still lots unchecked on the to-do list……


upcoming are continued new zoning code meetings, election fundraising planning, and getting the rental house all ready for our new tenants (moving in this weekend,wahoo finally!) plus a oh-so exciting trip back to the 2-0-6. my parents promised they’d take me to get jack-in-the-box tacos straight from picking me up from the airport [i know how incredibly disguisting, but we don’t have j.i.t.b. in CO and for some reason even though their taco’s taste like dog food, i freaking love them], an IKEA trip friday, daddy’s bday fri night, dim sum saturday + of course, the reason behind the trip, strub’s party sat night. so so ready to be back in seattle.


whew :) busy bee, but loving life lately.


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  1. I LOVE Jack in the Box tacos. You know that’s actually soy that’s in them? That’s how I got into them, when all my vegetarian friends in high school did. They’re best with tons and tons of hot sauce, and–rare occasion–when you get that special one with lots of “cheese.”


    Did I just rant? As long as I’m at it, let’s give a shout-out to the 99-cent chicken sandwich…far and away better than any of the costlier items available.

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