citizenblues – makes me happy!


i picked up a really cute pair of j-brand black trousers a few months back on citizenblues – which was my first purchase from the site….they arrived super quick & are adorable. check and check!

sooo ever since i’ve been going to the site first thing every morning to see what other steals i could add to my denim quiver & this morning they have seven white vintage jeans. initial thought = super cute. i know i like the fit and cut of the style jeans/brand. i’m always wishing i had cute white jeans when summer rolls around and they are 50% off. follow-up thought = well are they actually really that cute? it’s leading into fall so i won’t really have a chance to wear them until next year….and WHERE THE CRAP IS A FRIEND WHO I CAN SHOW & ASK!? i called jess, no answer. rachel wasn’t at work yet….and the rest of the ppl we work “with” …. ? dont have simliar taste to me?….yep, that’d be the best way to sum it up. so knowing how quickly they can sell out-i pulled the trigger and bought them.

what do you think? smart purchase?

def recommend checking out citizenblues each and every morning for awesome steals on jeans.

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