pressured. ha.


so as stupid as it sounds…i feel pressured to come up with monday: 5 things i <3 lately. i think it was great at the start because it gave me an excuse to blog, which opened an outlet for creativity etc, blah blah blah…….but now that i’m having regular craft crap making days, trying to kick off peekay market, constantly making up love necklaces, cooking, starting to dabble in photography and work (real life) is starting to pick up with campaign fundraisers/new zoning code-phew…….soooooooo i’m stepping away from monday top 5’s. i’ll post items/things as i see them and i will no longer be afraid of my blog on monday’s ;) ha.


*and i’ve updated an ‘inspired blog roll’ all the lovely sites i go to daily (ok ok a few times a day) to see pretty things.


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