lacrosse engagement sesh


this past weekend was my first engagement sesh :) melissa + tom invited gnarly, john and i to come join them at the cabin on columbine lake (near grand lake, co) and it was freaking awesome. such an amazing relaxing weekend… the scenery was breath-taking, the dogs were perfectly adorable together, john got in a mt. bike ride, downhill ride, and swam part way across the lake,….and i-well i got to do this:

(some teaser shots of the photo sesh)

4.15.09lacrosseengagmentsesh 073

4.15.09lacrosseengagmentsesh 074

4.15.09lacrosseengagmentsesh 142

4.15.09lacrosseengagmentsesh 169

4.15.09lacrosseengagmentsesh 317

4.15.09lacrosseengagmentsesh 362



  1. girl. these are nothing short of amazing. hey, how can i enlist your services when you’re up here in a few weeks? ;) can’t wait to see you!

    • soooooooo friggin excited to come back and check you casa, see you two + the rufus and just hang in the 206. i NEED it. craving the sounds, smells, and flava of seattle (and good dim sum) ;)

  2. paige, these are super cute!:) what a talented girl you are. photography always strikes my interest.

  3. you make the beautiful shine even brighter!

  4. These are fantastic!!!

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