easy pizza dinner!


so after having a pizza party a few months back-we’ve been totally on the pizza kick! literally having it once a week ;)

it’s delicious, easy-quick, and a great way to use up whatever is laying around. we buy the whole foods pizza dough frozen and put in the fridge the day before we plan on eating it. i try to come up with a plan for the toppings prior but we always end up tossing on whatever we have around in addition to whatever the original plan was.

and tonight’s-well it was a winner :)

Paige + John’s easy PPP pizza dinner

Shopping List:

whole foods frozen pizza dough
olive oil
crushed red pepper flakes
dried oregano
garlic salt
1/4lb prosciutto
homemade pesto (we were lucky enough to receive ours as a gift from the moore family’s backyard garden; however any recipe you have or even a store-bought will work)
pears (i like bosc)
manchego cheese (a sheep cheese, since johnny can’t do cow dairy)

1. heat up your grill to medium
2. flour your counter/working surface and spread out your dough-cutting off a small section for bread sticks.
3. take both sections of spread out dough and grill until evenly grilled and slightly brown in spots on 1 side only [roughly 7-8 minutes]
4. while the pizza is cooking; mix olive oil, crushed red pepper flakes, garlic salt, pepper and dried oregano (to taste)
5. bringing the ‘1/2 cooked pizza’ back inside, lightly coat with olive oil mixture on the cooked size, following the same with the smaller bread stick section.
6. add toppings – since we were making the PPP pizza we did a thin layer of pesto, covered fully with thinly sliced prosciutto and slices of pears, and finished with a light layer of micro grated manchego cheese. and added a light layer of manchego cheese to the bread sticks.
7. place the pizza & bread sticks, raw side down back on grill, and cook thru until the bottom is cooked evenly and toppings are heated and cheese is slightly melted. [roughly 8-10 minutes]

Tonight we served with left-over Gazpacho Soup (yummy to dip bread sticks in! + this is an AMAZING gazpacho recipe, add some little melon baller size drops of lemon sorbet for an extra treat!) and fresh argula mixed with coarse salt, coarse pepper + a touch lemon juice.


*other topping combo’s we love are: prosciutto, honey goat cheese, truffle oil, and argula (added towards the end of the cooking cycle so it doesn’t dry up too much) or prosciutto (i told you-we love it!), fig goat cheese, basil, and sliced roma tomatoes, or prosciutto, jalapenos, cilantro, and capers….really the options are endless. the bread sticks are pretty consistent being the olive oil mixture, sometimes some extra garlic salt & micro grated manchego cheese.

**notice we don’t use a red sauce, we use the olive oil mixture as our base……..and i normally either use rounds of a flavor chevre goat cheese or a micro grated manchego cheese if we’re looking for that overall coverage.

yummy – try it out and be sure to stop back and give me good topping recommendations if you have em! ;)


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