1 spot left! – are you getting married!?


melissa + tom **and** kelly + kevin have jumped on board! are you getting married or know anyone who is who wants to get in on this awesome opportunity to get all the assistance you could ask for in planning and designing your wedding- FOR FREE!!

meet the two smart couples who are peekay market’s first wedding couple clients!

4532_729999652783_10211900_43088816_2033659_n tom and the beautiful melissa! my relationship’s soul mate! ;) melissa and i are within 2 months apart in age and john and tom are within 2 days! melissa and i have worked together and tom & john do business together too! these two have been dating just over 2 years and i am so honored to be a part of their big day. i truly think when i found out they were engaged – ha i squealed equally as loud as i did when i got engaged! set with an insanely gorgeous ring on hand-this lady is READY to get married and i’m hoping i can keep up! :) all my hugs and kisses to you two!

n554510020_1609364_8963 kevin + kelly :) now if these two don’t make you smile—trust me, something is wrong with you ;) ha! kevin and kelly have been dating for over 9 years!!! and this year, became the year they got engaged. meeting at an al gore rally, traveling the world together and supporting each other fully every step of the way…i am so thrilled and friggin excited to be witness to the start of this next step of their journey together. enchantly genuine and loving – their energy is contagious. with kevin’s mother’s beautiful ring on her hand – her smile can be seen miles away. this will be an event that everyone in attendance will remember forever. and peekay is lucky to be behind the scenes for it! all my love to you guys!

….again, we’re still looking for 1 more couple- please email peekaymarket{at}gmail{dot}com if you are interested.

peekay introduction free

photos are stolen :) from their facebook pages!


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  1. […] include: more linocuts, more papercuts, a papercut map, wedding paper suite & decor goodies for melissa & kelly, and working on the new casa – decorating, creating art, finding furniture pieces, etc :) […]

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