so i’ve been very close to putting the HBO series True Blood on my Monday: 5 things I <3 post a couple times now…but have held off due to a slight embarassment that while yes, i fully admit i fell in love with the Twilight series & read them all faster than it has ever taken me to finish even 1 single book before, could I have really gotten so hooked another vampire series? well..the answer is yes. and after reading a reassuring EXACT account from A Little Life, i felt confident enought to confess.


i heart vampire series.  :P ha


  1. LOL, thanks for the shout out. I heart True Blood, too.

    I guess now we can commiserate and conspire about all these show/books/movies together ;0) Are you going to see New Moon? And are you going to be one of those (very lame, but addicted) people who wait at midnight to see it? I confess…I might be lame…

  2. Hahaha, no way! I just looked it up…it’s so cliché when co-stars marry each other…and yet I’m still tickled none the less ;0)

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