monday: 5 things i <3


1. http://www.polaroid.com/

images-1i have never been lucky enough to own a polaroid camera (well besides the mini like sticker strip ones that were super popular in like 10th grade… :) andy ellrodt bought me one for christmas…thanks reeezy. ha!) and now as we all know the day has come and gone…but polaroid has recently come out (or at least i just heard about it recently) with a digital version of the classic. haven’t picked up my point & shoot since i was lucky enough to get my rebel – but if i were to; i think it’d have to be this one!

2. http://www.starbucks.com/retail/nutrition_beverage_detail.asp?selProducts={3948B20D-20CB-4CB9-804B-E17A8FF8287E}

bevDetail_vivanno_chocbani am like obsessed with these things. having been off the coffee kick for quite awhile now and a bit over chai’s….i am loving the starbucks banana choc vivanno. sooo delicious and only comes in one size-so makes ordering easy. ;) ha ya know how you always want the big one, but know you shouldn’t because really what’s a good reason to drink 20 oz of frappucino? overall, let’s just say i’ve been making many frequent trips to the local starbeezy and am ordering one of these puppies every time (and apple fritters as long as it’s before noon….mmmmm)

3. http://kevinandamanda.com/fonts/fontsforpeas/how-to-get-your-handwriting-as-a-font/

alphabet cute cute cute!! i can’t remember exactly how i stumbled upon this site, but ever since i did i’ve been downloading their free cute script handwritten fonts like crazy! and i plan on writing out and trying to upload one of my own as well!! ha…after i get jess to do it first-since i’m in love with her handwriting ;) hehe.. all free – kevin and amanda have some amazing font options on their website and easy to follow instrucitons for those of you won’t haven’t downloaded fonts before. me likey.

4. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=28465570

il_430xN.82177196 i have really been diggin maps lately. the ork posters, esp. and this – although completely different still sort of reminds me of that same styling. the states united map has all 50 shaped into a heart and i’m a little in love with it. found on etsy, i think it’s super rad and almost gives me a slight obama YES WE CAN optimism feeling. i’m full on debating spending the 75 lootcakes to get it-although prob not the best move in the ‘new economy’ that our household has been living under. (it was stretch to talk john into me getting my yudu and lens for bday presents)

5. http://www.mms.com/us/about/products/coconutmms/

imagesumm…can we say amazing?! my grlfriend melei and i have been literally WAITING for this day. and it’s finally here and oh so delicious! and i’m not even a huge sweet-tooth girl…well :) ok maybe a little bit….only available for a limited time-so pick up some before they’re gone!! ;) yummy!!


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  1. Woah, that font thing is awesome!

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