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back and getting on track!


back from a beautiful fun weekend in the 206.
got my fill of: 1. jack in the box tacos (yeah amy), 2. saimen says, 3. ikea, 4. dim sum from house of hong, 5. royale cupcake.

ha it made me wonder “why did i move away again” man-i love asians and their food and ikea. ;) ha. ok, ok & my parents/friends/and just the hills/elevation changes & trees in the 206. greenery = me smiling.

awesome to see/hang with the fam-though i still stand by the fact my cat moa still hates me because i left her (silly mini cat), and good to see melissa and michelle (sorry other friends, it was an in & out operation) and of course mimi, michelle’s mom hehe.

so…now that i’m back-the house is starting to come along again, (we were in a minor stand still as we were waiting for the steel beams to be fabricated & materials to be loaded up and taken off to be recycled, but progress is starting back up & hope to update pics to de la sol again, starting tonight?….maybe?) fundraisers for work are kicking in, and i’m putting focus on lemonheart & peekay market.
*more details & websites to hopefully come in sept!* so stay tuned, i’ll probably be posting less (well equal to these past few weeks) but hope to come out swinging by the end of sept!

and of couse, tomorrow starts :) my berfday month! so lots of celebrating is in order


busy bee.


i’ve been sooo busy lately! or at least it feels that way, although whenever i go to do a mental did-do list….ha…it seems as if i should just have more time!


anyway, had a great weekend-even though gnar is sicky…she has giardia, ugh. =/ poor pup….hoef stoppped through for a surprise visit, mind got filled up with all sorts of fun goodies from a visit to the bulthaup showroom, had a recap & moving forward meeting with krist + nailed down design elements iwth melissa, designed 3 new necklaces (which are all gifts, so pics to be posted after i give them away), had girls over for sunday brunch, and met close friends of john’s the currans & had them over for backyard fish taco bbq last night. but, still lots unchecked on the to-do list……


upcoming are continued new zoning code meetings, election fundraising planning, and getting the rental house all ready for our new tenants (moving in this weekend,wahoo finally!) plus a oh-so exciting trip back to the 2-0-6. my parents promised they’d take me to get jack-in-the-box tacos straight from picking me up from the airport [i know how incredibly disguisting, but we don’t have j.i.t.b. in CO and for some reason even though their taco’s taste like dog food, i freaking love them], an IKEA trip friday, daddy’s bday fri night, dim sum saturday + of course, the reason behind the trip, strub’s party sat night. so so ready to be back in seattle.


whew :) busy bee, but loving life lately.


citizenblues – makes me happy!


i picked up a really cute pair of j-brand black trousers a few months back on citizenblues – which was my first purchase from the site….they arrived super quick & are adorable. check and check!

sooo ever since i’ve been going to the site first thing every morning to see what other steals i could add to my denim quiver & this morning they have seven white vintage jeans. initial thought = super cute. i know i like the fit and cut of the style jeans/brand. i’m always wishing i had cute white jeans when summer rolls around and they are 50% off. follow-up thought = well are they actually really that cute? it’s leading into fall so i won’t really have a chance to wear them until next year….and WHERE THE CRAP IS A FRIEND WHO I CAN SHOW & ASK!? i called jess, no answer. rachel wasn’t at work yet….and the rest of the ppl we work “with” …. ? dont have simliar taste to me?….yep, that’d be the best way to sum it up. so knowing how quickly they can sell out-i pulled the trigger and bought them.

what do you think? smart purchase?

def recommend checking out citizenblues each and every morning for awesome steals on jeans.


seriously? how cute is this…DIY bridesmaids cards


diy0819_1i didn’t have bridesmaids at my wedding–only the lovely jess (although yes, john did have 5 groomsmen) – BUT if i did or if i help style a wedding in the future where they are using bridesmaids (melissa isn’t…kelly you into this cute idea?!?) SO trying to talk them into this fun project

found via Once Wed


pressured. ha.


so as stupid as it sounds…i feel pressured to come up with monday: 5 things i <3 lately. i think it was great at the start because it gave me an excuse to blog, which opened an outlet for creativity etc, blah blah blah…….but now that i’m having regular craft crap making days, trying to kick off peekay market, constantly making up love necklaces, cooking, starting to dabble in photography and work (real life) is starting to pick up with campaign fundraisers/new zoning code-phew…….soooooooo i’m stepping away from monday top 5’s. i’ll post items/things as i see them and i will no longer be afraid of my blog on monday’s ;) ha.


*and i’ve updated an ‘inspired blog roll’ all the lovely sites i go to daily (ok ok a few times a day) to see pretty things.


lacrosse engagement sesh


this past weekend was my first engagement sesh :) melissa + tom invited gnarly, john and i to come join them at the cabin on columbine lake (near grand lake, co) and it was freaking awesome. such an amazing relaxing weekend… the scenery was breath-taking, the dogs were perfectly adorable together, john got in a mt. bike ride, downhill ride, and swam part way across the lake,….and i-well i got to do this:

(some teaser shots of the photo sesh)

4.15.09lacrosseengagmentsesh 073

4.15.09lacrosseengagmentsesh 074

4.15.09lacrosseengagmentsesh 142

4.15.09lacrosseengagmentsesh 169

4.15.09lacrosseengagmentsesh 317

4.15.09lacrosseengagmentsesh 362