my berfday!


is in like a month and a half-but because i take THE WHOLE month of Sept to celebrate it…it’s really only like just over a month away, right ;) ha.

and every year i buy myself something i want but just can’t quite justify spending the moola on…..since lately i love crafting MORE THAN EVER, this year i’m debating between a Yudu machine or a new lens for my camera.

hmmm…decisions, decisions….


 UPDATE!: i found the solution so i can get both! the yudu machine is 25% off currently at joann fabrics, and i found an alternate 50mm 1.8f/stop lens (relatively the same photo taking capabilities just in a cheaper plastic casing [ie: it might only last a year or two, rather than it’s $300 cousin in the metal casing that could last forever]) on amazon which is only $100! horray!

melissa: this means an awesome lens to take photos of you with and a yudu machine to potentially print fun wedding stuff with. man life is good :)

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE! i’ve ordered both–now to wait for them to freaking arrive. this is the conundrum i find myself in all the time–total fan of instant gratification yet totally too lazy to shop anywhere besides online (grocerys and target excluded, ha!). hmm…lens says it’ll ship anywhere from tomorrow-end of august ugh-great. and yudu is supposed to ship within 2 days.  can’t wait!

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