DIY: make your own napkins


[final product picture won’t load for some reason, will re-take when i get home tonight and update soon….]

1. buy a few yards of whatever material you’d like to use–i bought a heavier muslin fabric (about 3.99/yard at joann’s)

2. buy a linocut block & carving set (about $6-7 total)

3. buy whatever color you prefer of a fabric washable paint (i bought black, also from joann’s about $3)

*cut your fabric into your desired size rectangles or squares for napkins.

*Carve your design into the linocut block, I choose to do silverware–the thing to remember with linocuts is you need to do your design backwards, so that it stamps out correctly. I suggest drawing it out on paper first, tracing it in a black sharpie and flip the paper over so you see the outline in the reverse. Using a pencil redraw directly onto your linocut block. Using your carving tools, carve out and remove the negative space. (This is really fun to play with, try carving out your design but also try leaving the negative space…linocuts are super easy, fairly inexpensive, and really fun to play around with….)

UPDATE! u.o. has posted a DIY block printer video which happens to go into details on how to create a linocut, watch it here….

Here’s my stamp.


*Using a paperplate, or a washable plastic plate – pour a generous amount of your fabric paint/dye (nothing too liquidy!) and paint onto your linocut stamp.

*If you’re using a thicker paint (which I suggest) and you’ve painted it on pretty thick, stamp onto a paper-towel first to get rid of excess and confirm that your stamp looks the way you want it too. Once you’ve got the amounts and linocuts right – stamp directly onto the fabric (best to be working on cardboard or old newspaper incase it bleeds through). My fabric paint didn’t bleed through – again test it out and work around finding what amounts and fabrics work best for you.IMG_3124

*Allow to air-dry for a couple hours – up to 24 depending on the size of your stamp and amount of ink/paint used. Use an iron to heat press your design into the fabric (don’t use steam or follow the directions on your paint bottle)IMG_3125

*fold over your edges and sew to create a closed edge around perimeter of the napkin – wash and use!


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