DIY: make your own flower bling


ha, i didn’t quite know what to call it. It can be attached to a satin ribbon and used as a belt. It can attached to a shorter string or ribbon and be used as a necklace, laced through a headband, it could be pinned onto a shirt as a little flavor–the options are endless. :)


fabric flowers or fabric to make your own flowers



ribbon/string/yard/safety pin

hot glue gun

pick out fabric flowers that you like, i used 2 from forever21 headbands (that I just ripped off of their headbands), and 1 from a little girls scrunchies from target. for doily flowers – use two small doilies, in alternative styles…in one – cut a small hole in the center, layer the other on top and pull through to create the ruched affect, play with to create the flower look you like. arrange all flowers in an order that’s appealing to your eye and hot glue to a piece of felt.



allow to fully dry and hot glue two strips of ribbon to the felt, that create almost ‘belt loops’ for your flower piece – this gives it the flexibility to string a ribbon through for a belt, yarn through for a necklace, or attach safety pins to pin onto your shirt.



update! i found this similar DIY sewed version tutorial on Heart of Light – check it here!


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  2. I just ran across your blog while surfing Casey’s blog…and this is so cool!

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