monday – 5 things i <3


1. http://www.zukes.com/woof/hip-action.html

ha-prods-2008-11ZUKES! Gnarly loves them, I love them, and Mouthful’s happens to run a buy one, get one 50% special on them often so our wallets love em too! Gnar is into any flavor, but I tend to steer towards getting her the HIP ACTION ones, and break them in half. Made in Durango, CO & made of all-natural healthy ingredients it’s like engergy bar for your dog. If you have a little doooooger running around-check em out.

2. http://www.realbabyinc.com/product_detail.cfm?CatID=78&PID=7884

giraffeha! the new (or at least new to the non-mom’s of us) trend of baby leg warmers! i mean, if you think about it-it totally makes sense….everyone puts their kiddos in onesies for a reason & now w/ these ridiculously cute leg warmers to go along with, you’re in luck all seasons of the year. we picked up a stripped pair for piper on our way out to cali this weekend & when we got back, graham had a pair of green argyle ones on too! lotsa places sell them, but we picked piper’s up at Real Baby in Highlands.

3. http://www.rei.com/product/750989

untitledugh. so as many of you knew-we spent the weekend with the hoefers in oceanside…and on sat spent like 2 hrs down at the beach. i put on sunscreen-but it was the first time this belly had seen sun all year, so needless to say, i’m bright red. picked up some aloe spray this am on my way to work and it’s been saving my life. i can finally sit (with tummy rolls in place) and not want to cry. :) sleeping on the other hand…….PAINFUL!

4. http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=16570&vid=1&pid=646506

gp646506-00p01v01 uber uber cute. i picked up these bad boys while nubbs (our friend we visited in cali) and miss lily and I took a quick shopping trip in quest of a tank top she lost at the burton sales meeting…scoring and finding a replacement tank for her & these super cute pants for me! online they’re on sale for $40, but in the store i scored mine for $12.99!! amazing! cute fit, i can get away with them at work and a great summer color. i’m kind of in love with them :) not to mention their new cuffed t’s too!!!


nikki-pad-yarn-medmy niki mcclure yarn notepad. john left me a sweetass lovenote on it this morning and i brought it with me and tacked it to my board by my desk–looking up at it just now, i realized just how flipping cute it is! and to think, the graphic is from a papercut! :) love it. i just love cute quarky things and if it’s drawn up from an intricate papercut-all the better! *ps, now that I’m back in town, i intend on working on my own papercute design & catching back up on the rest of the projects I have half started in our garage ;) ha!* not to mention BUY OLYMPIA is out of my homeland-Washington! <3

photos via the respective links

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