next project


well…simutaneously while i continue to make LOVE necklaces, ball chain initial necklaces, and a key cabinet and another vintage jewely case……oh yeh-and the mason jar chandelier and lamp i’m working on…..oh wait-and the paper cut…and yes, of course the foam core model of our new house – de la solBUT in addition to working on all those at the same time, i’m also adding in a personal copy-cat version of the ultra rad ORK posters. i fell in love with ork posters a few months back, sorry can’t credit where i first saw them because i can’t remember…design*sponge maybe?!?!?!….anyway, they’re rad. and well-i instantly emailed them to see if they had a Denver one in the works, which boooo they don’t…and while I could alway go back to my roots and pick up a Seattle one…stl_348

i decided to gift that one to michelle and steve for their house-warming gift…so i picked up the heart one for johnny and my future house (when we have a fresh start and can coordinate art w/ wall texture, room colors, and other pieces)heart_tan but can’t shake the fact that i really want a Denver one.  So I’m adding it on to my to-do list…and will be sure to post the end result-once :) i get around to it. I think I may take a slightly different approach and hand-draw it all out, rather than use font to fill in the neighborhoods…but it’s all still up in the noggin, so we’ll see what turns up in the end.


photos via: ork


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