monday – 5 things i <3


1. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Grilled-Sweet-Peppers-and-Corn-353379


mmmmm summertime corn on the cob. (minus gnarly eating the cobs) it is sooo delicious! and this recipe is awesome. takes a lot of time to prep the bell peppers, but according to jess & alex ;) it was worth it. i’ve always kept the corn in the husk or wrapped in foil-so charring it directly with only a light coat of grapeseed oil & s+p was a nice surprise that i plan on repeating many times over :)



ha this soap rocks. it smells good, has a gentle pumice texture and can clean off any stain, pain, resin, glue, or other random material i get all over me while i partake in ‘craft days’ hah. :) it’s my new best friend. john has an industrial


3. http://www.stdalfour.com.au/gourmettogo.htm

GTG_Wildsalmonso this may sound gross but it’s actually really delicious and handy. St. DaLafour Gourmet to Go meals–I buy mine at W.F. and love the Wild Salmon one. Flown over from France (forgive my carbon footprint) no need to be refridgerated and so handy that they even come with their own little spork and S+P packet. I buy like 4 at a time and just stick them in my desk for an emergency snack or those days when I forget to bring lunch…really—they’re quite delicious.

4. http://patio.christysports.com/catalog/teak_wood/categories/deep_seating_teak_wood

deep-seats our outdoor patio furniture. we bought it last summer and it’s a year-round aspect that makes our home truly feel like a home. john is content sitting out there any day no matter what the temp, and after the damiano incans stole our last set (to bring down to the showroom while we were away in california) it’s a new addition to the home that i’m thankful for all the time. the smooth teak wood & comfty pads…make dinner at the damiano’s ;) just that much more enjoyable.

5. http://madebyjulene.com/

3463030194_197da2f7a7paper cuts found on green wedding shoes, specifically these made by julene seriously float my boat. i love them. the detail, the time i can only imagine they take, and the little hidden features that fit the couples and individuals that commission her to create them. i’m truly in love. so much in fact that i went out and bought rice paper and will be attempting my own. pshhh because of course “i could make that” …right? ;) ha…we’ll see. drawing up a template to cut out took me about 4 hrs already….yikes! i can only imagine what the cutting will take….

photos via their links respectively.


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