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my berfday!


is in like a month and a half-but because i take THE WHOLE month of Sept to celebrate it…it’s really only like just over a month away, right ;) ha.

and every year i buy myself something i want but just can’t quite justify spending the moola on…..since lately i love crafting MORE THAN EVER, this year i’m debating between a Yudu machine or a new lens for my camera.

hmmm…decisions, decisions….


 UPDATE!: i found the solution so i can get both! the yudu machine is 25% off currently at joann fabrics, and i found an alternate 50mm 1.8f/stop lens (relatively the same photo taking capabilities just in a cheaper plastic casing [ie: it might only last a year or two, rather than it’s $300 cousin in the metal casing that could last forever]) on amazon which is only $100! horray!

melissa: this means an awesome lens to take photos of you with and a yudu machine to potentially print fun wedding stuff with. man life is good :)

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE! i’ve ordered both–now to wait for them to freaking arrive. this is the conundrum i find myself in all the time–total fan of instant gratification yet totally too lazy to shop anywhere besides online (grocerys and target excluded, ha!). hmm…lens says it’ll ship anywhere from tomorrow-end of august ugh-great. and yudu is supposed to ship within 2 days.  can’t wait!




last night we had a bbq with the bc crew at the showroom.

i got attacked by melissa and tom’s izzy :)


ha she’s a big fro’d out monster compare to our monster :) notice gnar in the top picture, doing nothing to protect me–just hanging out watching the skateboarders…

IMG_3095gnarly earlier in the day–her first bone :)    [7 months old]


monday: 5 things i <3


1. girls brunch :)

352389_116this weekend i was able to have alex, jess, and whitney (the girls in our little highlands family/community) over for sunday morning brunch. we were too excited to eat so no photos of the food but here’s links to the recipes! the dutch baby and watermelon salad went over especially well ;) our menu: mocktail, watermelon salad, chicken apple sausage & hash browns, dutch baby, and mini sour cream coffee cakes (recipe from william sonoma entertaining cookbook).

belthis flower sash. heck, i even liked it so much-i copied it and made my own version! ;) check it out here. the perfect feminine accessory to add to any outfit. this is particularly a sash-but follow my DIY and make a piece that’s versatile!



CastIron12InchSkilletcast iron skillets. the best pan in the quiver. although they have to be seasoned occassionally—cast iron is by far my favorite thing to cook on. inexpensive and last a lifetime (or longer!) the flavor that cast iron gives your food is uncomparable. we use ours, literally daily, and have the 12″ skillet and a smaller 8″ skillet. i used this bad boy to cook up the dutch baby this weekend! ;)


226cherryrainer cherries! obviously paying a little homage to my homeland–the 206, i love me some rainer cherries! available at almost all grocery stores and especially good from farmers markets – rainer cherries are so sweet and irresitable! normally only available in june and july–go pick some up soon! (before you have to wait a year!)


1042252li’m not a huge white wine drinker—-or wine drinker—-or drinker in general, but when it’s summer…nothing tastes better than a crisp glass of white wine with your dinner (well besides a glass of chilled moscato, but that’s too sweet for most ppl’s tastes ;) ha) when it comes to whites, pinot blanc is BY FAR my favorite! we tried this one from trimbach (purchased from argonaut) last week and were very pleased :)


DIY: make your own flower bling


ha, i didn’t quite know what to call it. It can be attached to a satin ribbon and used as a belt. It can attached to a shorter string or ribbon and be used as a necklace, laced through a headband, it could be pinned onto a shirt as a little flavor–the options are endless. :)


fabric flowers or fabric to make your own flowers



ribbon/string/yard/safety pin

hot glue gun

pick out fabric flowers that you like, i used 2 from forever21 headbands (that I just ripped off of their headbands), and 1 from a little girls scrunchies from target. for doily flowers – use two small doilies, in alternative styles…in one – cut a small hole in the center, layer the other on top and pull through to create the ruched affect, play with to create the flower look you like. arrange all flowers in an order that’s appealing to your eye and hot glue to a piece of felt.



allow to fully dry and hot glue two strips of ribbon to the felt, that create almost ‘belt loops’ for your flower piece – this gives it the flexibility to string a ribbon through for a belt, yarn through for a necklace, or attach safety pins to pin onto your shirt.



update! i found this similar DIY sewed version tutorial on Heart of Light – check it here!


DIY: make your own napkins


[final product picture won’t load for some reason, will re-take when i get home tonight and update soon….]

1. buy a few yards of whatever material you’d like to use–i bought a heavier muslin fabric (about 3.99/yard at joann’s)

2. buy a linocut block & carving set (about $6-7 total)

3. buy whatever color you prefer of a fabric washable paint (i bought black, also from joann’s about $3)

*cut your fabric into your desired size rectangles or squares for napkins.

*Carve your design into the linocut block, I choose to do silverware–the thing to remember with linocuts is you need to do your design backwards, so that it stamps out correctly. I suggest drawing it out on paper first, tracing it in a black sharpie and flip the paper over so you see the outline in the reverse. Using a pencil redraw directly onto your linocut block. Using your carving tools, carve out and remove the negative space. (This is really fun to play with, try carving out your design but also try leaving the negative space…linocuts are super easy, fairly inexpensive, and really fun to play around with….)

UPDATE! u.o. has posted a DIY block printer video which happens to go into details on how to create a linocut, watch it here….

Here’s my stamp.


*Using a paperplate, or a washable plastic plate – pour a generous amount of your fabric paint/dye (nothing too liquidy!) and paint onto your linocut stamp.

*If you’re using a thicker paint (which I suggest) and you’ve painted it on pretty thick, stamp onto a paper-towel first to get rid of excess and confirm that your stamp looks the way you want it too. Once you’ve got the amounts and linocuts right – stamp directly onto the fabric (best to be working on cardboard or old newspaper incase it bleeds through). My fabric paint didn’t bleed through – again test it out and work around finding what amounts and fabrics work best for you.IMG_3124

*Allow to air-dry for a couple hours – up to 24 depending on the size of your stamp and amount of ink/paint used. Use an iron to heat press your design into the fabric (don’t use steam or follow the directions on your paint bottle)IMG_3125

*fold over your edges and sew to create a closed edge around perimeter of the napkin – wash and use!


love it!! – guess i’m also a sucker for ceramics


found via here: design*sponge


today i had lunch with the first lady of ghana


and like 2000 other people :) but still…

sunni was kind enough to invite me to join her table today for the ‘first lady’s luncheon’ with project c.u.r.e. and the first lady of ghana – her excellency ernestina naadu mills.

project cure is doing good work, i supported today by donating 2 boxes worth of medical supplies and hope you can too by clicking here. (if money is too tight right now with the new economy, you can always volunteer time too!!) check out their site to see the opportunities and see how many lives you’ll be touching and helping.

thank you.