monday – 5 things i <3


1. http://lohisteakbar.com/

SteakbarFINALlogoWEBit hit 9pm before we knew it last night and johnny and i were stumped as to what to do for dinner. i hadn’t grocery shopped because i was crafting all day & lola/pho fusion close at 9, root down is closed on sunday – we wanted to stay close & convenient….then it hit us-let’s try the new steakbar up the street! lohi steakbar went in at 32nd/tejon – where north star tavern used to be – like literally 3 days ago…they serve food until MIDNIGHT and it was really delicious! reasonably priced & within walking distance, i think we have a new favorite ;) johnny tried their hamburger & i did the french onion soup (amazing!) and their meatball starter…we both were happy, full, and i’m already waiting to go back and try it out with james + jess ;)


2. jevy & casey’s new pup!

photoMAN! this little man is adorable. jevy (who works with john) was out of town for the weekend and in the most “non crazy wife” way ;) casey picked up a new pup for them from the humane society this past saturday! winston is 100% part of the damiano incan zoo (fitting in perfectly and instantly with riley & gnarly) and has already stolen my heart! unsure of his exact age or breed…he’s cuddley, sweet, & playful. he is .p.e.r.f.e.c.t. :)

3. http://www.lillet.com/lillet.jsp?d=h&&lang=fr

lilletcompletely taking a page from jora’s (jevy’s cousin) blog…this weekend we tried lillet and it was fabulous! mix 3 parts lillet to 1 part club soda (or pellegrino) and add a slice of orange. refreshing, the perfect amount of sweetness, and crisp – it is for sure to be a fav summer drink for our crew. just be careful how many of these puppies you take down ;) ha.

4. http://www.cb2.com/family.aspx?c=830&f=3769

GalvanizedSqPlantersS7these galvanized planters are awesome and the fact that they are on sale – umm hello!? they rock! jess picked up a few of them and we drill some drainage holes – since she plans on mostly using them outside…but they chic, sleek, and sturdy…totally on my “i want these!” list.

5. http://www.g-star.com/flash/content.html

m_gstar_womens_midge_straight_pant_comfortnatedenimdamagewashonce again it’s time for me to brag about how awesome johnny is :) ha….he surprised me last week by ordering me up a couple pairs of g-star raw denim. he had bought me a pair prior and liked how they fit-so he shipped out 4 styles (i only ended up keeping 2 of them) and one of them is the midge. super cute fit–prob my new fav pair – o – denim. ;)


photos via: their respective links, #2 by my iphone


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