‘so that happened.’


today is bike to work day. i left the house this morning (unfinished smoothie on the counter & all, :(  boo) and rode down to meet rachel in front of the glass towers. we both decided on our cruisers, since it’d be an excuse to go slower and really make us stand out that we were participating in BTWday, not the avid cherry creek bike path cyclists on their way to work-so yes, excuse us if we take up too much bike lane room so we can ride along side each other to talk and keep each other motivated to continue pedaling! ;) BUT all and all – we made it, and with good time, and all went smooth.

john on the otherhand-rides to work with gnarly in tow often…being one of those avid cyclists, who maintains a highspeed, knows all the trails and goes 8x as far as I rode this morning–but for fun. we bought one of those “burley” bike trailers for gnarly after she had her accident & was paralyzed to make it easy to get her around, not to mention possible for john to still bring her into work. johnny is a cyclist. helmet, padded shorts, spandex – the whole 9 yards,  but he wears his padded shorts when riding into work to save himself the spandex jokes. so this morning, mind you-on BTW day the 1 day a year where the bike trails are jammed pack with those of us who DON’T know what we’re doing…but are trying….he was riding in and when he got to a hill, stood up to get some extra oomph in his pedals-when his shorts got caught on his handlebars! they’re baggy shorts, almost like a padded version of swim trunks–but they have vents…and his vents were opened and it caught & well yes, you get it. squirming to keep up-right, trailing off the side of the path, falling over, scraping his elbow, gnarly using her burley as a roll-bar cage, and quickly reassembling himself to collect our now lose dog in the middle of the busy bike path & save whatever diginity he could. :) ha.

so that happened. :)


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  1. That’s totally my bike-riding nightmare. San Francisco is teeming with these badass girls riding bikes in little dresses (I’m not sure how they keep their dignity, if you know what I mean) up hills, and I feel like I should be able to keep up…but it all just seems too complicated. I need a Rachel to cheer me on, and some cute undies for when the inevitable happens.

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