monday – 5 things i <3


ok, ok i know–it’s tuesday. but i wasn’t at a computer long enough yesterday to be able to post-so here it is, a day late :)

1. http://www.target.com/Method-Hand-Wash-Sweet-Water/dp/B0022MJQ4A/sr=1-1/qid=1245789313/ref=sr_1_1/179-3816222-0795320?ie=UTF8&search-alias=tgt-index&frombrowse=0&index=target&field-browse=1038576&rh=k%3Amethod&page=1

41Eqz9On%2BJL._AA260_Method’s -Sweet Water – fragerance. In their hand-soap, reed diffuser, everything…it’s so refreshing and pretty :). I love it, it’s crisp enough that it’s not too girly but delicate enough to add that ‘female touch’. mmmm


2. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=25669025&ref=sr_list_4&&ga_search_query=birdcage+decals&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_page=&order=date_desc&includes[]=tags&includes[]=title


these awesome birdcage decals–or heck decals in general! such a fun funky way to spice up a room, roller shade (as shown in the photo), mirror, whatever. so chic, i think. i love these birdcage ones-but this etsy stores has lotsa good options. check em out.


 3. http://www.anonoptics.com/Grid.aspx?pId=3

223247421_A Anon Fairfax glasses. we only have 1 pair of these, in white, so johnny and i end up fighting over who gets to wear them…but i really like them for some reason. so simple, so lightweight. i think i may have to order up a pair in the navy!

4. http://www.origins.com/templates/products/sp_nonshaded.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CATEGORY5806&PRODUCT_ID=PROD234

org_05AA_tall_lrgOrigin’s Ginger Up Conditioner. Smells sooooo good. I’ve always been a huge fan of ginger. (foods, drinks, and smells!) so I was pretty excited when I can across this stuff. I only wash my hair like 2-3 x week, so I don’t use the shampoo but I’m sure it smells just as great (I use the neutrogena anti-residue shampoo, since i do wash so infrequently to get out anything that builds up-try it out!) but I use this puppy daily! if not twice a day! :)


5. http://www.najatools.com/


ha so this is one of my new fav. spots. the naja is a jewelry making supply store and they’ve been guiding my newly RE-found crafting habit. they helped supply many of the tools i used for wedding projects, as well as the two necklaces i recently made. they offer classes, but i have a feeling they’re geared towards a different style than i’m into-but i’ll be continue to come back for my supplies and tools!


photos via: their sources linked respectively


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