20 minute dinner – pan seared steaks with dijon/red wine sauce


Grocery List:

2 – steaks (we used filets, feel free to pick you poison)

2 – medium shallots

2 – tsp brown sugar

1/2 cup – dry red wine

1/2 cup – chicken broth

1 bay leaf

1 tsp dijon mustard

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

3 tbsp unsalted butter

1 tsp fresh thyme

heat a large (12 inch) skillet on high, for 3 minutes (cast iron works best)

salt & pepper all sides of the steaks, add to pan at least 1/4 inch away from each other-do not move around – cook on high for 4 minutes. flip sides & cook until desired temp. remove steaks (leaving all brown bits in pan) & tent with foil on plate.

add minced shallots & brown sugar, cook (stir in brown bits from steaks) 1 minute, until shallots are tender. add wine, broth, and bay leaves – boil for 4 minutes. add in balsamic & mustard, stir thru. remove from heat, add in butter, stir until melted. add in thyme & taste (add salt/pepper as needed)

pour over steaks and serve with  argula salad.

:) simple, fairly healthy, and delicious!

enjoy! (we ate ours too far, i didn’t get any pics)


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